Housing and Land Use Links

The American Dream Communicator, an on-line publication of the American Dream Coalition, provides regular links to news on housing, land use, transportation, and growth management. Here are a few of the most recent land use and housing links from the September 11th edition:

Housing & Land Use
Will Obama’s “Livability” Program Bring Britain’s “Hobbit Homes” to America? — Ron Utt, Heritage Foundation
What A City Needs
— Edward Glaeser, The New Republic
Oregon’s land-use system: a barrier to economic recovery – Bill Moshofsky, Oregon Live
Higher Density Housing To Do Little To Cut Fossil Fuels —
Florida Drifts Into the Morass — Richard Reep, New Geography
Texas Tops U.S. in Housing Affordability — Buyers House Realty
State leaders clash over growth plans — Naples News, Florida

People and Metro Prosperity — The New Republic

Sex and the City of the Future —
Council OKs using eminent domain to create rail quiet zone — Kansas City Star
Williamsburg businesses fear eminent domain for Broadway Triangle — New York Daily News
School board seeks to condemn property — Statesman Journal, Oregon
Cedar Falls TIF district would let mall keep some option tax funds — WCF Courier, Iowa
Development Stifled By 10-Year-Old Comprehensive Plan — Daily Commercial, Florida
What We’ve Learned: Ugly Truths About Housing — New York Times