Griping about gridlock

According to recent surveys, traffic congestion is near the top of residents’ gripe list in Denver and D.C. It’s the top gripe in Austin, Atlanta, some DC suburbs, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and now Sacramento: From the 2006 Sacramento State Annual Survey of the Region:

Sacramento region residents have some serious concerns regarding a wide range of issues, with traffic congestion on major roads topping their list. An overwhelming majority (94%) view traffic congestion as a problem, with 70 percent thinking it is a big problem and 24 percent considering it somewhat of a problem. Traffic congestion has remained at the top of Sacramento region residents’ list of concerns for the past five years … Moreover, the concern for traffic congestion is widely shared by the general public and registered voters regardless of gender, racial background, and political party affiliation. In fact, when asked about several major issues facing the Sacramento region, respondents felt traffic congestion is more problematic than affordable housing (51%), quality of public education (46%), population growth and development (45%), air pollution (42%), and affordable health care (41%).

Press release here. Full report here. Related: Traffic Congestion No Longer Houston’s Biggest Problem Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be great if there were an accessible new book that really dug into this issue and explained all the ways traffic congestion restrains our lives?