Gov. Huckabee Supports US Withdrawal

…from the world economy. Alas, there is no link as I witnessed the crass appeal to economic populism first-hand. Speaking at the ALEC annual conference, the Presidential aspirant and former Arkansas Governor outlined a comprehensive plan to pull the US out of the world economy. His main points: 1. Tax reform (good idea) to get American corporations to repatriate the $10 trillion they have ‘parked’ overseas and ‘reinvest’ it in the US to ‘rebuild’ our manufacturing base (terrible idea) 2. A new big federal effort to develop domestic, alternative fuels so that in 10 years, ‘we don’t have to take a drop of foreign oil’ (terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea) 3. “fair trade” instead of “free trade” Now, this latest “man-from-Hope” has about as much chance of being sworn in as President in 2009 as I do. But the rapturous applause and standing ovation he received from the 1,000 or so conservativeââ?¬â??mostly republicanââ?¬â??state legislators in the room was ominous evidence that large segments of the right are retreating into nativism and fear. The recent demagoguery on immigration may not have been an isolated outlier.

Michael Flynn is Director of Government Affairs for the Reason Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank whose mission is to advance a free society by developing, applying, and promoting libertarian principles, including individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law.

Mr. Flynn has more than fifteen years experience in the development, implementation and analysis of public policy. He has provided his expertise to a number of non-profit organizations, including the Employment Policies Institute, the American Beverage Institute, the Center for Consumer Freedom, among others. For a number of years he directed all policy and legislative activities for the American Legislative Exchange Council, the nation's largest bi-partisan membership association of state legislators. He began his policy career in the Illinois General Assembly, where he worked as an analyst both in the capitol and in the Assembly's Washington, DC office.

Mr. Flynn has testified numerous times before the United States Congress. He has also testified before legislative committees in more two dozen states. He has also worked with a number of foreign elected officials helping them understand America's federalist system, including delegations from Brazil, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, the European Parliament and China.

Mr. Flynn is author of more than two dozen policy papers or studies covering a wide range of issues, with a particular focus on federal and state relations. His work has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Post and numerous regional newspapers and radio. He has frequently appeared on a number of broadcast and cable networks, including CNN, CNBC, Fox News, ABC World News Tonight, Reuters Financial and C-SPAN.

Mr. Flynn is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where he studied English and Economics. Immediately after college, he managed a Coca-Cola Bottling distributorship. He is married to the former Maura Whalen, a documentary film producer. They have one daughter and live in Alexandria, Virginia.