Gov. Daniels on Performance, Tolls and Unions

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels continues to impress. Just eight months into an administration he’s done more to reform government than most do in four years. As previously reported here, Indiana recently released an update on its accomplishments to date. Now the govenor is focusing his attention on transportation. He’s says he’ll likely propose tolls for new highway projects and repairs to the existing Indiana Toll Road. Although there has been some discussion about a long term lease there too. In a deceptive and down right dirty move the local AFSCME union sent pink letters to state employees ‘notifying’ them that they would lose their job on Dec 31 because of privatization moves. Mitch Roob, secretary of Family and Social Services Administration rebutted the letters, “It is a fabrication of a termination notice, and frankly it is a fabrication of the policies that this agency intends to pursue over the course of the next several months.” Currently FSSA is considering turning some state functions over to non profits and subjecting other services to competition. Historically this agency has been saddled with inefficiency and has been ineffective in its mission. Perhaps, AFSCME needs to be reminded that the mission of government isn’t government employement but public service.