Global Warming: Been there, done that

For all of the climate geeks out there, Derek Kelly’s piece today in Asia Times Online has a really handy chronology of global climate change over the last 15,000 years. When you think of things on a geologic time scale (even an extrememly abbreviated one of 15,000 years), it’s amazing how silly the whole global warming scare becomes.

The above chronology of recent (geologically speaking) climate changes should place global-warming catastrophists (such as those who developed the Kyoto treaty) in an awkward position. Their fundamental assumption is that Earth’s climate was stable and was doing just fine before the Industrial Revolution started interfering with climate’s “natural” state. It is the Industrial Revolution, and in particular the use of fossil-fuel-burning machines, that has led us to the brink of environmental catastrophe due to global warming caused by increasing amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. But it is plain to see that both warming and cooling occurred numerous times before the Industrial Revolution. Similarly, all the dire predictions of global-warming consequences – sea-level rise, for example – have happened in the past…

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