Getting the State Out of the Liquor Business

A Pennsylvania State Senator is continuing his crusade to privatize the state’s liquor stores — or at least sell of 51% of the system to investors to “wring out inefficiencies.” Republican Sen. Rob Wonderling of Montgomery County argued that “Inevitably, free market competition always results in better quality at the best possible price for the consumer, and it does so exceedingly better than a public monopoly.” Here, here. Of course there will be opposition from the usual suspects — the liquor control board itself (they don’t want to lose control), the employees, and MADD who has historically not been in favor of privatization. MADD argues that the state has been more responsible to selling and distributing liquor than the private sector has (I guess regulating that beer can only be sold by the case, rather than in groups of 6 or 12 represents responsible). Read more about privatizing state’ liquor monopolies here.