FTTH Council Video Makes the Case for the Unregulated Internet

The Fiber to the Home Council has produced a short, eloquent video that speaks to the importance of resisting Internet regulation. Without mentioning “network neutrality,” the video discusses the oncoming “exaflood”ââ?¬â??the explosive growth of Internet traffic now being driven by high-def video and massive multiplayer gaming. This won’t be a problem, says the video, if the industry is allowed to prepare for it. That means retaining incentives to invest, not erecting regulatory barriers to prevent it, which network neutrality certainly would do because it would prevent content and applications providers from purchasing specialized network services that can improve their customers’ experience. It’s worth noting that the FTTH Council is primarily an organization of manufacturers, and there are no telephone or cable companies among its members. Some of its members, in fact, are municipal power utilities with telecom operations, such as Provo Power and Bristol Virginia Utilities, which have no love for the incumbent side. Seems the prospect of Internet regulation is keeping more than the CEOs of AT&T and Verizon awake at night. View the video here.