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Wal-Mart News: Massachusetts Forces Wal-Mart to Carry “Morning After Pill Washington’s Force-Wal-Mart-to-Spend-More-On-Health-care Bill Appears Dead Euros Love Anti-Wal-Mart Film

Berlin’s European Film Market became the backdrop for yet another verbal battle between Wal-Mart and its filmmaker nemesis Robert Greenwald on Tuesday. The Greenwald-directed film “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” made for hot sales but heated words at the market. The verbal clash followed a similar series of jousts in the U.S. when Greenwald’s film came out last year utilising grassroots distribution, promotion via the Internet and home screenings to rack up DVD sales of more than 110,000 units. … The documentary’s claims of runaway capitalism make it a natural for many European territories. Wal-Mart stories have been front-page news in such places as Germany, France and the UK.