Free PornóJust Another Congressional Perk

All 535 members of Congress get Hustler for free:

Not that most members want it. It usually gets thrown in the circular file marked “trash.” But like clockwork, it keeps coming, despite efforts to have it stop. The spokesman for Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, recently tried to halt the mailing. Nope. Several members of Congress have sued to make it stop, only to lose. … [Publisher Larry Flynt] doesn’t feel bad that the ones who are actually opening the envelopes aren’t the members of congress but young interns. “I’m sure the interns are over 18,” Flynt says. “Those guys need some help getting through puberty anyway.” Interns for Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, are trained to distinguish the nudie magazine’s envelope from the other mail and throw it away, says Chief of Staff Scott Parker. “So every time we happen to get one, it ends up in the trash pretty instantly,” Parker says.

Just how instant is “pretty” instant? Article here; via Fark.