FAA Poised to Announce Competition Results

Last January (yes, a year ago) the FAA announced the government’s largest competitive sourcing study — consisting of roughly 2,700 positions at 58 flight service stations across the country. Its getting ready to announce the results. Regardless of who wins the competition, the FAA is planning on operating a streamlined organization with fewer employees because of efficiencies identified during the competition. Without knowing who has won the acutal competition, there already is one winner: the taxpayer. To date the federal government saves on average $12,000 per position studied, regardless who wins. If averages hold, FAA could save upwards of $32.4 million. Of the 2,700 specialists, as many as 1,000 have the experience necessary to apply for air traffic control jobs — which comes as good news. The FAA is anticipating that nearly 11,000 controllers will retire in the next 10 years. In a 2003 Reason study, we called for the linking of competitive sourcing and strategic human capital managment to solve problems like these – where resources are not put to their most efficient and effective use.