Electric Car Takes the Carbon Out of Driving

For anyone hoping that the crusade against global warming, the pursuit of universal reductions in carbon emissions, and faltering human ingenuity would finally send automobiles to the junkyards of fossil-fuel history, recent successes with electric cars in Germany may have dealt a fatal blow to their efforts. A startup German company has produced a four-door sedan (which full trunk space) capable of driving nearly 400 miles on one charge. Moreover, the batteries are fully recharged in just six minutes.

According to the web site Space Mart:

“An electric car developed by a German company Tuesday set what organizers said is a world record when it drove 375 miles without recharging its battery.

“Mirko Hannemann, 27, drove the yellow and purple all-electric Audi A2 in seven hours from Munich to Berlin, where he arrived Tuesday morning.

“German Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle, who jumped inside for a quick drive in the courtyard of his ministry, called Hannemann’s trip a technological quantum leap.

“No other electric car has gone to such a distance,” he said.

“Japanese scientists drove a 1-person electric car more than 600 miles around a track, but that was at 25 miles per hour and with a vehicle that was basically all battery.