Donít these people realize theyíre being oppressed? (Burlington-Pueblo-Chicago edition)

Activists keep telling us how lousy Wal-Mart jobs are, but job seekers keep applying for them:

[Burlington, NC’s] second Wal-Mart Supercenter will open Wednesday, after more than 4,000 people applied for the store’s 400 openings, according to a statement from the company.

In Pueblo, Colorado a new WM is also set to open tomorrow and there 2,800 applied for 440 openings. Chicago’s first WM isn’t scheduled to open its doors until August 15, but already 2,800 people have applied for the 400 available jobs (sorry no link). FLASHBACK: In Atlanta, nearly 5,000 people applied for 450 WM jobs; In Oakland more than 11,000 applied for 400 jobs. And don’t let her smile fool you–this Mexican shopper is also being oppressed by Wal-Mart.