Don’t Drive on Sunday

Apparently, forgoing any and all driving on Sunday will solve all the world’s ills, even the age-old issue of GREED! (If only all those folks condemned to an eternity of boiling oil in hell for committing the mortal sin of greed had known all they had to do for absolution was not drive on Sunday!) So says the Don’t Drive on Sunday website:

FIGHT GREEDY OIL COMPANIES – DON’T DRIVE ON SUNDAY! Why are we paying more than Three Dollars per Gallon? GREED. Why is every oil company raking in billions of dollars in profits? GREED. Why has the current administration allowed this to happen? GREED!

Hmm. So it’s greed that determines the price of gas? It’s greed that creates profits? How strange; all this time I thought it was the market that determined price and profit … yet apparently panic has more pull than I thought. Regardless, I’m looking forward to less traffic on Sundays.