Do Dems promise worse aviation security?

Security at airports sucks. As a frequent traveler I could live with the security process and delays if it actually made us safer, but it does not. The system keeps getting Fs. One of the fragile reeds that keeps the system from being worse is that the federalized airport security workforce is not allowed to unionize and bargain for hundreds of policies to benefit the workers and make things worse for the traveling public. No the least continuing the process of diverting more security dollars into screeners pockets rather than into real security measures. But under the Democrat leadership in Congress, that may well change. Screeners Central gives a fascinating look into the minds and world of airport security screeners–their T-shirt selection tells you what they really care about! We need to overhaul aviation security to a system that focuses on real risks and actually provides security. Won’t happen until people get fed up with do-nothing security measures that just make us “feel safer.” This speech from FAA Jane F. Garvey just after 9/11 is a nice window–few of the real security measures she lists remain, but her closer emphasis on making flyers “feel safer” remains the touchstone of policy.