Do You Know How the Stimulus Is Screwing You?

Do you know how the stimulus is screwing you?, the website supposedly tracking the spending of the stimulus money, has a feature on the left side of the page called “Did You Know?” Today’s happy note of information:

The University of Michigan received $19 million in Recovery funds to expand a study on the health, social, and economic forces that affect the well-being of people over age 50.

The White House website seems to think this is a good thing. Did you know we’ve funded this great project? I actually didn’t know that, but thanks for letting me know how the stimulus is continuing to screw me, the taxpayer.

But a question for the White House—the stimulus money is taxpayer money right? And the reason you justified the expense was to create jobs right? Okay, well, how many jobs do you think could be created by $19 million less money taken in taxes allowing private businesses to expand? My guess is more than spending $19 million on a research study at a university that is virtually completely funded by private donations. So maybe this really isn’t the best thing. Just a thought.