Dems wanna get innovative

Delivering high-speed Net access to all Americans within five years was among a medley of priorities outlined by the U.S. House of Representatives’ Democratic leader on Tuesday. “Universal broadband–whether it’s delivered by Wi-Fi or WiMax, or hard line–will put all Americans, no matter where they live, no more than a keystroke or a mouse click away from the jobs and opportunity broadband both creates and supports,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California said in prepared remarks for a morning appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The suggestion mirrors a proposal by President Bush last year but appears to be more modest. The president clamored for a deregulatory approach that would grant broadband access to “every corner” of America by 2007.[We’re actually pretty close to reaching that goal.]

The “innovation agenda” is also responding to fears about offshore outsourcing:

Among other goals Pelosi presented: granting scholarships aimed at producing 100,000 new scientists, mathematicians and engineers in the next four years; doubling research and development spending, and boosting tax incentives …(PDF here).

How about fixing some of those lousy schools first? Wouldn’t that be innovatiive? Article here.

Ted Balaker is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, and founding partner of Korchula Productions, a film and new media production company devoted to making important ideas entertaining.