Dean Has Privatization Track Record

Seems that Howard Dean has a track record with privatization, despite his ties to labor. Two letters have recently been circulated that outline the Governor’s former position. One letter, dated Sept. 13, 1993, to Leon E. Panetta, then director of the Office of Management and Budget, said: “Privatization undertaken with fairness, and carefully monitored, can deliver better public services at lower costs.” In another to a constituent, dated July 27, 1998, Dean wrote, “I can tell you that the state of Vermont relies on the outsourcing of certain State functions in order to save taxpayers money. Overall, I have found that private contractors can perform the same service for less money while maintaining a high level of quality.” Now that politics and presidential aspirations have taken center stage, Dean sees more value in wooing union support then policies he used as governor. I wonder if these are the files that Dean wanted locked away for 10 years? Jay Carson, a Dean spokesman, said: “Governor Dean is a stalwart supporter of federal, state, and municipal workers. AFSCME president, Gerald W. McEntee added that “together we can defeat the most antiworker, antifamily, antidemocratic president and his fat-cat friends.” See Boston Globe 11/13/03 “Key Labor Unions to Support Dean” – subscription needed.