Customers Give Thumbs Up to Minneapolis HOT Lanes

On on-line survey of express lane users by Minnessota Department of Transportation found that customers are happy with the service and the price they pay to keep it free flowing 24/7. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

“More than nine out of 10 motorists who use the MnPASS toll express lanes on Interstate 394 in the west Twin Cities metro are satisfied with their experience, according to a survey released Thursday by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

“The department said that up to 150,000 vehicles a day use some portion of the 11 miles of the toll lanes that run from downtown Minneapolis to the western suburbs.”

The survey focused on current subscribers to the MnPASS program and included responses from more than 500 users. The survey also found:

҉ۢ Nearly 80 percent either agreed or strongly agreed that the lanes give them value for their money.

҉ۢ Nearly 84 percent either agreed or strongly agreed that the lanes provided fast, safe and reliable commutes every time.

“• More than 63 percent indicated that what they liked best about the lanes was saving time.”