Congressional Dems abhor competition

My friend John Palatiello, a long-time leader on federal privatization issues, sent this around, and it is worth sharing. This article speaks volumes on so many levels about what’s wrong with Washington today. Clearly, the Senate Democrats place special interests (labor) ahead of national interests (taxpayers). The fact that they were so reluctant to make this “change” shows how much their “change” mantra is just rhetoric. It is unfathomable that Senator Feinstein would actually admit to a reporter that saving the taxpayers money and making government operations more cost effective and more efficient is “not the sort of thing that I ran for the Senate to do. With 850,000 Federal employees occupying “commercial” positions, this points to the need for an aggressive, comprehensive program that goes beyond the President’s Competitive Sourcing program (which Congressional Democrats have essentially neutered if not killed).