Commute A Top Reason For Staying In Job

A new report found that a desirable commute was the 3rd most important reason for staying in a job, following closely behind the value of coworkers and managers. Human resourceds departments, however, significantly underestimated the value of this to their employees though. When the survey asked what kept people at the jobs, the survey found the following in the top 5: Coworkers: 34.1% Managers: 27.7% Desirable Commute: 24.3% Adequate Benefits: 21.9% Good Working Hours: 21.9% These rankings were different from the perceptions of human resource departments which ranked the top five i the following way: Adequate Benefits: 34.3% Fair Compensation: 30.6% Coworkers: 26.4% Corporate Culture: 25.5% Managers: 35% “We found somewhat of a disconnect between what employees say keeps ;thema t their jobs and what employers say is import tot heir employees,” the report says. The report, “2005/2006 Employee Satisfaction & Retention Survey, is free from although visitors must register.