Coburn on Coburn

Today, the WashTimes has an interview with the ultimate kosher senator; as a doctor, he knows that too much pork is bad for the health of the nation … the fiscal health, that is. Do read the interview; it’s quite candid and delves into the double talk of congress (not that it’s breaking news or anything). As the Senator explains, politics begets pork and apropos political mea culpas: Sen. Coburn:

You’d be surprised by the number of people who didn’t vote with me that came back up to me and said, “You keep doing what you’re doing.” That’s a positive signal to say they know in their heart we got to change this system, but they’re not at the point yet where they can figure out politically that they can be with me.

Well, at least he’s positive … but, the question remains, when might this political Shangri-La materialize? When will senators and members of congress feel comforitable enough to shun pork-barrel spending as the good doctor has? Yes, it’s an election year; but, shouldn’t that inspire greater fiscal responsibility? If only. Senator Coburn will be speaking at the Heritage Foundation this afternoon; we’ll have a full report later today …