CO outsources job assistance

It makes sense, actually, if you accept the dubious proposition that government job programs work. Read here. Steve Austin, 60, finds it ironic that the state is outsourcing an information technology job that he would have been qualified to do. . . . Sen. Deanna Hanna, D-Lakewood, believes the case illustrates why state jobs paid for with taxpayer money should not be outsourced. “My citizens are going without jobs,” she said. “Our taxes should be paying the salaries of people who live in our country.” Such is the stuff and nonsense of so much of the debate on offshoring. Do we really think the government should be in the business of creating jobs? Regardless of the cost? Phooey. Doesn’t work anyway. Driving up taxes by not taking the most efficient course to deliver government services will destroy more jobs in the long run than offshoring.