CNN Looks at Government Pension Crisis

CNN reports on the growing problem with over-generous and unsustainable government worker pensions.

My favorite part is the interview with the city sanitation worker who to the job because he wanted security from having worry about keeping his job.

When asked “what he thinks about those who want to limit pensions for new public employees,” he replied:

I would say that’s terrible and it would be very unfair because this is a close-knit job. … Different pensions basically take away from morale on the job. And you know the public would probably end up with worse services in those cases if morale is low.

When asked “What about suggestions that public pensions must be cut for current employees in order to save cities and even states from bankruptcy?” he said:

Then there’s really no reason to take the job … you know, it’s really the only draw for our job is our pension, our benefits. … I don’t think it’s fair because of the economic downturn had nothing to do with us. You know, we really didn’t cause this mess.

They really do want to be a privileged class.