Címon boss!

Instead of wailing about gas prices why don’t more Angelinos just ditch the commute and work from home? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Unlike carpooling or taking transit, employees can telecommute only with their bosses’ permissionââ?¬â??and that’s something most area workers don’t have. Bosses often resist telecommuting and for a long while logistics made the practice more trouble than it was worth. But skepticism persists even as technology makes working from remote locations increasingly feasible. Computers continue to get cheaper and faster, and in the span of a single decade the Internet and cell phones have gone from novelties to tools that average Americans use every day. So much progress, and yet, according to a survey of LA area employees who don’t telecommute, 80 percent have bosses who still won’t let them work from home.

Continue reading my commentary here. BTW, this applies to more folks than just Angelinos. Although there are signs that bosses are beginning to warm to telecommuting, it tends to be a slow thaw. For the most part, employees still don’t have the stay-at-home option.