Clogged, crumbliní California roads

Related to the previous post is this:

California’s highways, the system’s most costly feature by far, were once the nation’s gold standard. But as the interstate highway network celebrates its 50th anniversary and the summer driving season accelerates, the state is known for something else: some of the busiest, most dilapidated and under-financed roads in the country. … For now, the state expects to spend $21 billion on road maintenance and improvement over the next five years. Additional money could come from $37.3 billion in bond measures on the November ballot ââ?¬â?? the only new money proposed in the state’s $116-billion infrastructure plan. Of that bond money, about $11.5 billion would go to highway and road projects across the state to patch a system that the California Transportation Commission describes as “a shambles.” Some of it would be distributed using set formulas, with cities and counties getting at least $400,000 for pavement repair. The rest ââ?¬â?? about $7 billion ââ?¬â?? is up for grabs. “I’m convinced that there isn’t enough money,” said Martin Wachs, director of the Rand Corp.’s transportation program.

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