Climate Change Debate Heats Up

In contrast to the oft-heard claim of a “global warming consensus,” The Economist has a great piece on how the climate change debate has actually been heating up (bad pun) as of late:

“‘The intermixing of science and politics is a bad combination, with a bad history.’ So warns Michael Crichton at the end of his current, popular novel, ‘State of Fear’. He argues that wilful obfuscation by politicians and wild-eyed greens is leading to a herd mentality over global warming, akin to the uncritical embrace of eugenics a century ago. ‘Once again,’ he intones ominously, ‘critics are few and harshly dealt with.’ . . . . Despite the arrival of Kyoto, the debate and dissent of recent weeks suggests that the treaty has not produced the world of self-confident greens and smothered critics feared by Dr Crichton. In fact, the contrary seems to be true.”

Read the whole thing. It covers several of the topics seen on this blog recently. (Hat tip: EnviroSpin Watch)