Civilian Flaggers Save State Millions

Massachusetts has saved nearly $12 million in the year-plus since it started using civilian flaggers to direct traffic at some road construction sites, state officials say. . .

A job-by-job breakdown provided to The Associated Press shows how the state saved $28,000 during four relatively slow days in May by paying lower wages for flaggers to either replace or supplement the police officers who formerly had exclusive rights to stand watch over highway and side-road work zones.

The article goes on to quote police officials disagreeing and arguing that it is always better to have a cop there, whatever the cost. Then, without any visible irony, it goes on to report:

They [police] are still used exclusively in high-speed or otherwise dangerous locations.

In Essex, a police officer was hired Monday to manage traffic coming out of Woodman’s, Dunkin’ Donuts. . .

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