Charter Schools more like Vouchers: New Jersey Edition

Legislation signed by Gov. Chris Christie will allow private schools in struggling districts to become charter schools. In this case it works just like vouchers where the money follows the child to the private school that the parent chooses.

Under the legislation (A2806/S1858), high-performing private schools can apply to the state education commissioner to make the change. Because charter schools receive public funding, parochial schools making the transition will be barred from religious instruction or displaying religious symbols.

Christie said the law will help “ensure that more students are stepping into classrooms that will give them a better education and a brighter future.” But he said the Democratic-controlled Legislature continues to stall other pieces of his education agenda, including school vouchers and merit pay for teachers.

“These reforms must be taken up now; we cannot ask children in failing schools to wait any longer while these reforms sit untouched in Trenton,” Christie said.