CAndidates Weigh in on Infrastructure

This OC Register editorial discusses where the candidates stand on roads: All three major replacement candidates favor Proposition 53, which is on this ballot and eventually would dedicate 3 percent of the general fund spending to transportation construction. The Register Editorial Board supports Prop. 53. We evaluate their remedies in light of our values, favoring infrastructure, especially roads, as a priority and privatization of the tasks as much as possible: Cruz: He was “Co-Chair of the Yes on [Proposition] 42 campaign – which requires that gasoline sales revenues be dedicated solely to improving transportation projects, such as roads and highways.” Although he does favor more construction, he more favors the status quo of using bonds to pay for construction than do the other candidates. Bonds are repaid from the state general fund. Tom: State Sen. Tom McClintock promises to reverse the “slow growth” policies in place since Gov. Jerry Brown took office in 1974, and whose chief of staff was Gray Davis, now the governor facing recall. He favors returning to the pre-1974 days when from 15 percent to 20 percent of the state’s general fund was spent on infrastructure. He long has championed allowing all vehicles to use HOV lanes … He favors transferring public transit money to roads construction. His is the most prominent call to return to a strong building program. Arnold: Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes, on his campaign Web site, “The first step is to commit to no more stealing of transportation revenues. Over the past three years, the Davis administration has stolen more then $4.5 billion in transportation revenues to pay for his other spending programs. The next piece of the solution is to redistribute transportation revenues away from costly transit programs to pay for more freeway lanes in the most congested areas. … We must convert the High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV) to free flow lanes … .”