Canada 1 USA O

So, the conservative government in Canada reported this week that almost 500,000 foreigners moved to Canada last year, a record number. Unlike their counterparts to the South, however, they said this was a good thing and patted themselves on the back for managing a program that is “responding to Canada’s needs.” They also used to the announcement to outline plans to “speed up the processing of permanent residency applications, ensuring shorter wait times and making Canada’s immigration system more competitive.” Well. In the last several years, countries around the world–even Old Europe–have slashed corporate tax rates to levels below ours. Most have continued to liberalize trade, while we are re-debating NAFTA. In Europe, labor mobility is nearly universal, so innovation can spring up-and find the labor it needs-in the most favorable climate. Even if you are using new math, these moves do add up. Nativists in our country who are obsessed with ‘protecting American jobs’ may soon find there aren’t any to protect. For more commentary from Reason Foundation on immigration, go here. For articles from reason magazine, go here.