Can We Imagine a Dispersed Future?

I found this essay on urban and suburban development and environmental and social impacts very worth the read.

He opens with

‘How shall we live?’ is a question that naturally concerns architects, planners, community representatives and all of us. It is a question that turns on the density of human settlements, the use of resources and the growing division of labour.

and closes with

The issue that needs to be addressed is: Can We Imagine A Dispersed Future?

Far from being necessarily de-humanising, dispersed settlements are an opportunity for an enlargement of the human spirit. To imagine that there is anything in physical proximity that is essential to community is to confuse animal warmth with civilisation, and an unfortunately deterministic view of architecture’s relationship to society. But worst of all it misses out the great alternatives that are waiting to be made in new communities across the country.

In between is fascinating.