CA Nibbles at Eminent Domain Abuse Problem

The California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights sent around this nice summary of recent property rights legislation signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Some good minor bits, but a long ways from any real restoration of property rights protections, or what Proposition 90 would provide. SB 53 (Kehoe) – Reduces the time period during which a redevelopment agency may use eminent domain, and requires a redevelopment agency to place a description of the agency’s program for acquiring real property by eminent domain in its redevelopment plan. Read analysis on this bill by the Pacific Legal Foundation. SB 1206 (Kehoe) ââ?¬â?? Further defines the requirements property must meet to be considered blighted and requires bureaucratic reports be filed by the condemning agency. Read analysis on this bill. SB 1210 (Torlakson) ââ?¬â?? Makes changes to certain processes that relate to the taking of property by eminent domain. Read analysis on this bill. SB 1650 (Kehoe) ââ?¬â?? Places restrictions on a public agencies ability to use acquired land for a purposes other than the one originally stated or after a specified length of time. Read analysis on this bill. SB 1809 (Machado) ââ?¬â?? Amends the amount of time that local legislative bodies have to record a statement upon the adoption of a redevelopment plan, and places requirements on the format of these documents. Read analysis on this bill.