Brits still support road pricing

Although overall support has slipped in recent years …

The majority of British drivers support a road pricing scheme whereby motorists are charged according to their use of the roads, rather than the current system of car taxation and fuel tax, according to the latest research by the RAC Foundation. Such a scheme allows for differential charging according to whether motorists are driving on congested roads, for example. The survey found that 62% of the drivers questioned said they thought such a system would be fairer, up from 60% in 2002. Young drivers (aged 17-24) in particular are in favour of a road-charging scheme. Most motorists – 71% – agreed that road tolling would be acceptable if other motoring taxes fell, with 60% saying that tolls would be acceptable if it could be guaranteed that they would have a better journey. Tolls would be acceptable to 61% if there was a complete package of better roads, better traffic management and improved public transport alternatives.

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