BRING YOUR QUARTERS!–California Garage Sale

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced that he was cleaning out the cobwebs of state government. On August 27-28, the State and Consumer Services Agency will open the surplus warehouse for a massive California Garage Sale. While one might wonder what the state could own that might be of value to the normal Saturday-morning Hunter, the sale will feature a cherry-red Ford Mustang, popcorn and vending machines, airplane engines, baseball cards, and even a a cattle-prod siezed at an airport security checkpoint. Agency Secretary Fred Aguiar said, “these items are priced to sell.” The Sac Bee story is here. For those that can’t make it to the garage sale, you can also buy some California sales items on ebay. Their listings are here. Selling under the member name “Californiagold2000”, the state has a surprising 99.4% customer approval rating. Ironically, just as the Governor moves forward with his housecleaning, the State Assembly shot down the Governor’s proposal to declare as surplus state-owned property worth as much as $380 million, even as next year’s budget was banking on a portion of that revenue. The article is here.