Boondoggles and Goggles

After how the Raich case went, it’d be nice to have a bit of good news. Here are two bits. First from New York:

[A] powerful state board rejected critical public funding for a $2 billion stadium on Manhattan’s West side. The state Public Authorities Control Board vote came after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver came out against the plan for $300 million in public funding for the stadium that would also be home to the New York Jets.

For more on recent stadium boondoggles, go here and here. Bit number two comes from Maryland. Remember how officers were using night-vision goggles to search for seatbelt law scofflaws? There will be no more of that:

Maryland state police will not be using night vision equipment to spy on motorists to see if they are wearing seat belts. Reacting quickly to complaints, Gov. Robert Ehrlich on Monday directed the state police to discontinue testing the effectiveness of the equipment. “Gov. Ehrlich isn’t a fan of big brother tactics when it comes to law enforcement. That’s the very reason why he vetoed speed cameras,” said Shareese DeLeaver, a spokeswoman for Ehrlich. “The governor felt there is an appropriate time and place for the use of night vision equipment. However, he did not feel that seat belt enforcement rose to that level,” DeLeaver said. Borrowed from the military, the equipment was used only during a three-hour test in the Rockville area of Montgomery County Wednesday night. The equipment already has been returned, Greg Shipley, spokesman for the state police said.

(Via The Newspaper.)