Bob Poole Wins Managed Lanes Leadership Award

The Managed Lanes committee of the Transportation Research Board (part of the National Academy of Sciences) has awarded Reason’s Bob Poole with its annual Leadership Award.

The citation reads:

The Leadership Award is given to a person or agency whose understanding, guidance, and ability to face and overcome challenges has resulted in the successful advancement of managed lanes.

Since 1988, our leadership award recipient has been actively involved in explaining pricing and managed lanes concepts to Congressional House and Senate staffers during the ISTEA, TEA-21, and SAFETEA-LU reauthorizations, and continues such efforts during the 2011-2012 reauthorization effort. He has also advised a number of state DOTs on toll finance and managed lanes policy, including California, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. He has played a key role in introducing to the U.S. transportation community to four key concepts in the field of managed lanes: investor-financed express toll lanes, the term “HOT lanes,” truck-only toll lanes, and HOT networks; all of these concepts either have been applied to implemented managed lanes projects or incorporated into long-range metropolitan transportation plans.

Congratulations Bob! Well-deserved for all the good work you have done.