Bob Barr Signs Oath of Presidential Transparency

On the heels of what some are calling Coburn-Obama 2.0, Bob Barr has joined Senator Obama in signing the Oath of Presidential Transparency. The Oath is being promoted by a diverse transpartisan coalition led by Reason consisting of 36 different organizations nationwide. You can view the members of the coalition and its letter to the candidates here. Coburn-Obama 2.0, formally known as S. 3077 – the “Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Federal Spending Act” was introduced by Sens. Obama and Coburn on June 3rd. Coburn-Obama 1.0 mandated the creation of, a free, easy to use, searchable database including all federal grant and contract funding information on payments over $25,000 (with exceptions on classified information and individuals’ federal assistance). 2.0 is calling for improved accountability of the data reported as well as better accessibility for the greater public. By signing the Oath of Presidential Transparency, candidates ensure that if they are elected, there will be timely implementation of, and administrative commitment to, the letter and spirit of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (Coburn-Obama 1.0). Bravo to those who have made the commitment so far! You can find additional candidates’ signed Oaths and other goodies here Reason Foundation website. Additional blog posts on transparency here. As the transparency train continues to chug along, I hope to see Sen. McCain get on board by signing the Oath of Presidential Transparency in his pursuit of the presidency.