Blocking the Box

The Biggest Box gets activists and unions all riled up. Local governments want to ban it and now the courts are piling on too:

A federal appeals court has ruled that the city of Turlock’s ordinance barring big-box retailer Wal-Mart doesn’t infringe on the company’s constitutional rights. The ruling is the third time the courts have sided with the city against Arkansas-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc. “I’m extremely pleased and feel extremely vindicated,” Turlock Mayor Curt Andre said Monday. Wal-Mart sued Turlock soon after the City Council passed an ordinance in 2004 barring a 225,000-square-foot super center. The council said the operation would lead to traffic and environmental damage.

Article here. Seems like the only people left who like WM are consumers and job-seekers. Related: Hercules Shoves WM Out of Town