Beer bellies are back … but not mandatory

Are people finally growing weary of their trendy Sideway’s inspired pinot binge? Are nostalgic 30-somethings indulging in their cravings for that goes-down-easy sensation of a cool Natty Ice from the frat days of old? Are the Twins finally winning over more than just teenage boys? Perhaps; though it’s much more likely that the shift in alcoholic preferences reflects the beer industry’s keen eye for market based solutions to their flagging business that reflect the appetites of a health conscious, flavor craving society in need of greater choice in the libation market. The AP reports:

Now, brewers are pitching their beer as cooler, classier and healthier, trying to do for their beverage what Starbucks has done for coffee. …From fruity malt drinks to organic pale ale and lager, new beer products are on display this week in Chicago at the Food Marketing Institute Show, the supermarket industry’s annual trade show. … Basically, wine seemed to have gotten more fun. So beer companies started thinking about how to do more with their brews.

Thank goodness for the free-market and competition; without which, we wouldn’t be able enjoy the relaxing yet invigorating punch of what can only be called the mother of all beverages (and yes, if it has coffee in its name you can definitely drink it in the AM).