(Video) Bearish on GOP Debt Ceiling Resolve

Last night I was on two shows to talk about the debt ceiling debate in Washington. Ultimately, I am bearish that the GOP will take the right approach, or that the Democrats will think about this in the right either for that matter. In a perfect world we would initiate deep cuts in the budget and halt unnecessary programs so that we wouldn’t need to increase the debt ceiling. From a political perspective, it is almost guaranteed that the GOP and Dems come together on some grand compromise, so the question is what will that be.

I’ve argued before that if you can’t get entitlement reform, or tax code reform, then the next best thing would be to sunset Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that we begin the process of removing a $6.5 trillion liability from hanging over the head of the American taxpayer.

Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano on Fox Business (5/1)

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