Arnold and Spiderman

Reason’s George Passantino says Gov Arnold doesn’t have to give into tax-lovin’ goblins: A scene in the blockbuster movie Spiderman is eerily similar to one now playing out in Sacramento. In the movie, Spiderman’s enemy, the Green Goblin, dangles Peter Parker’s true love off a bridge. In his other hand, he dangles a cable car full of children. Suggesting that Spiderman cannot save both, he demands that the hero choose which he will let die. In essence, this is what some advocates for tax hikes are seeking to do to Governor-elect Schwarzenegger. Either break your pledge not to raise taxes or break your pledge to protect quality of life priorities. “We’ve already done all the easy stuff,” they argue. “Taxes are the only option. Choose.” These critics almost seem elated that state finances are so bad. But this ploy need not work. The Terminator can pull a Spiderman-style rescue and balance the budget without raising taxes or gutting vital services. How can he do it? Performance-based reductions, competition, renegotiating labor contracts, reorganizing the state government, and shifting to a two-year budget. Read the whole article here.