Anti-Nanny Nanny Laws

Is one of the new fads in bans–banning baby formula in favor of breastfeeding–an anti-nanny nanny law? And is that why nanny law proponents are speaking out against it? NewsBusters’ Geoffrey Dickens investigates:

On this morning’s Today show, NBC’s Meredith Vieira and Dr. Nancy Snyderman became born-again libertarians in their opposition to New York City’s ban on bottle feeding babies. Vieira called the measure “drastic” and Snyderman urged, “not so fast.” The ban even inspired “Today” to coin a new series segment called “Nanny State.” However, back in 2006, when New York City infringed on another right – the right to eat fatty foods, Snyderman struck a different tone, as she gravely warned about the dangers of trans fats.