ìA nationwide warî

A war on terror, perhaps? Not quite. Strap on your sanctimony protectors because this quotation from Mark DeSaulnier is over-the-top: “Whatever happens, we did the right thing,” DeSaulnier told a pro-Measure L gathering. “We all know that this is one battle in a nationwide war against a predatory company that is all about profit. We’re about people. “You’re fighting against the right kind of people,” DeSaulnier told supporters. “They’re bad.” A “yes” vote on Measure L would have upheld a county ordinance that banned big box retailers, like Wal-Mart. Voters rejected the measure, which prompted DeSaulnier’s rant. Backers of the measure stressed that local officials should have control over what gets built in the area. However, in this case, the future of Wal-Mart will be determined by the most local control of allââ?¬â??consumer choice.