7th Annual US P3 Infrastructure Forum

Reason is a co-sponsor of InfraAmericas’ 7th Annual US P3 Infrastructure Forum, which will be 14-15 June 2011 at The Grand Hyatt, New York.

The theme is New Governors, New Legislators and New Market Realities. A total of 37 new governors took office this January. And state legislatures across the country are filled with new members. They bring fresh thinking about P3s. Some of their ideas won’t differ greatly from those of their predecessors. Some will.

And those governors, congressmen, mayors and aldermen are facing what could be a municipal debt crisis as states and municipalities across the country struggle to balance their books and pay their bills.

So 2011 may way be a big year for discussions of P3s. This event brings elected officials, policymakers, state and local transportation agencies together with infrastructure investors, P3 developers and contractors, bond arrangers and financial advisory firms. Now in its 7th year, the US P3 Infrastructure Forum will bring you the latest thinking on P3s from state houses, executive agencies, and the private sector in a new political and economic environment.