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NTTA Finance Committee Approves 32% Toll Hike

Following up on my "told you so" post last week, the finance committee of the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) has approved a 32 percent hike in toll rates, per TollRoadsNews.com. As my previous post notes, had state and local officials selected the original concessionaire who won the winning bid on this project—rather than undermining the procurement by allowing the NTTA to take over the project at the eleventh hour and take on enormous risks now playing themselves out—Metroplex drivers wouldn't be in this boat. 

Lesson: risk matters. 

The full NTTA board will vote on the proposed toll hike next week.

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Comments to "NTTA Finance Committee Approves 32% Toll Hike":

Fred Hall | July 20, 2009, 3:04pm | #

Hello All,

Just wanted to make you aware of something that I found today. What you may be aware of is that the current rate to travel on any NTTA toll road is about 11 cents per mile. The recent toll increase that was passed will put that to 14.5 cents per mile. Today, I learned that www.bondbuyer.com is reporting that the NTTA is already planning on increasing the tolls to 18.01 cents per mile by 2017. WOW!!! It is the time to act. Stand up on September 7 - 11 and avoid all NTTA toll roads and "SAY NO TO NTTA". Please forward this email to anyone and everyone that you know and ask them for their support. Any questions can be directed to sayNOtoNTTA@gmail.com

Thank you for your support.
Fred Hall

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