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What about the children?!

If the issue is pedestrian safety, the tots are doing pretty well–quite a bit better than another demo:

    A middle-aged male pedestrian is four times as likely, on any given trip, to be killed by a car as is an elementary school student, according to a new interactive [Carnegie Mellon–AAA] Web site that lets people compare travel risks.

    The site allows users to assess the dangers of driving, walking, and riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, by season, region and personal characteristics of the traveler.

For example:

    the risk of death for an 18-year-old male driver is about the same as that for an 80-year-old female driver, but both are safer than the operator of a motorcycle. And counterintuitively, risk is higher in the mountains in summer than in winter.

Article here; via Marginal Revolution.

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