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Until today, you were working to pay for government

COST OF GOVERNMENT DAY 2003--July 11th!!

This just makes me hopping mad every year. The average American worked the whole year up to today just to pay what the government takes from them each year. Only now do they start to earn for their own selves. And this is a month longer than it was in 2000!

Think about it in terms of a workday--the average wage slave works about 4.5 hours of each day to pay for government, and only 3.5 hours to earn money for themselves. I wish there was some way to put a countdown clock in everyone's office that would flash a message at them a half-hour after lunch to let them know they were done working to pay for government that day. Maybe that would wake people up.

Check out the whole ugly truth at Americans for Tax Reform.

Some damning facts from their summary:

Total Cost of Government: $4.96 Trillion
Per Person Cost of Government: $17,017
# Of Days Worked to Pay for Gov't: 193

Total Government Spending: $3.34 Trillion
Total Government Regulation: $1.62 Trillion
Federal Cost of Government: $3.23 Trillion
State/Local Cost of Government: $1.73 Trillion

Cost of Government Change 2000-2003: 9.7% Increase
Federal Spending: 12.4% Increase
State/Local Spending: 6.6% Increase
Federal Regulations: 8.4% Increase
State Regulations: 8.5% Increase

The Average American Has Worked A Cumulative 35 More Days To Pay For The Cost of Government Since 2000.

Adrian Moore is Vice President, Policy

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