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Reason in Vegasótoo much good stuff?

As if Drew Carey, Christopher Hitchens, Joel Kotkin, and all sorts of your favorite Reasoners weren't enough–now Mr. X Prize, Burt Rutan, has been added to the lineup.

Lots of folks have already signed up, so this little jab in the ribs is for all you fence sitters. C'mon and join us!

Reason's Dynamic Cities Conference
Las Vegas
November 4-6, 2005

And introducing, Reason After Dark ...

How do policies based on freedom and choice make a city great? Where are those cities? Who's winning the War on Pleasure? What can Las Vegas teach the liberals and conservatives who fear and loathe it?

Enjoy Director John Stagliano's award-winning Fashionistas dance show, the spectacular Penn & Teller, poker, shopping, great food, cigars, innovative speakers, panel discussions, and more at Reason's Dynamic Cities Conference and Reason After Dark special events.

More info, including online registration, here.

Ted Balaker is Producer

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