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ģI will never accept govt aid againī

From the NY Post (sorry, no link):


ARTHUR Imperatore Sr. - whose New York Waterway is the third-largest ferry system in the country - has no use for the federal government. His company, which moves more than a quarter-million commuters daily between New York and New Jersey, was the only ferry operator in the United States that didn't operate on government subsidy - meaning no handouts from Uncle Sam. But after 9/11, ferry ridership across the Hudson skyrocketed with the shutdown of PATH train service, and the feds told Imperatore he had to run more boats. So Washington subsidized the cost of the additional ferries. But Imperatore, speaking at a Forum Club lunch the other day, said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been a horror to deal with. "It's a reminder why I never accepted a government subsidy to operate my business in the past," he lamented. "I will never accept government aid again. I'd rather make less money."

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