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Good newsóno wait, scratch that.

Every once in a while something unexpected happens, and a public official bravely stands in front of hysteria's stampede:

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly on Wednesday came out against a proposed ban on smoking in bars and restaurants as the City Council delayed voting on the contentious measure for at least a week.

Kelly is working with council members, ban supporters and business owners to craft a compromise that would fall short of prohibiting smoking entirely, said Deputy Mayor Dennis Flaherty.

OK, well, that doesn't sound so great, but at least it's better than a ban.

"He continues to be very concerned about the impact of a ban on our hospitality industry," Flaherty said. "He feels that the overall solution to this is a statewide ban, which wouldn't place our businesses at a disadvantage."

Spoke too soon.

For news on NYC's smoking ban, go here.

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